HTC QuickGPS problem

On my HTC Touch Cruise, QuickGPS stopped updating the GPS ephemeris.

SH4Y’s QuickGPS Fix.CAB solved the problem.


Lego Mindstorm NXT self balancing robot

Lego Mindstorm NXT are a great platform for many things such as games, education etc.

In the following I will described my adventures with the standard LEGO Mindstorm NXT package + a Gyro from hitechnic and MATLAB 2007b.
The quick guide is to download the wonderful package NXTway_GS and follow the instructions there. In what follows I am trying to explain the basic technologies used in NXTway_GS.

The long term goal of the project is to examine the possibilities of using LEGO Mindstorms as a way to teach Linear/Fuzzy Control. The short term goal is… to have fun.

So I need two or three “classical” case studies. The first thing that came in my mind is the inverted pendulum problem, or in this case the more interesting self-balancing robot problem. But first things first.

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Sync your Google Calendar with your Microsoft Outlook

A standalone application that periodically syncs Outlook and Google Calendar.

Several options are missing such as syncing multiple calendars. I would prefer it to be an outlook plugin.

But I assume its a good start.

Google just released Google Gears for pocket pcs

Off-line web applications are a big deal for many companies/projects such as Adobe/AIR, Mozilla/Prism, Google/Google Gears and possibly Microsoft/Silverlight.


Gears for mobile devices is initially available for Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile 5 and 6.

An interesting point is that they “plan to keep the Gears API consistent across all platforms”.

So Steve Jobs new something and designed the iphone with browser only applications.

Coding with your mind

Neural Impulse Actuator is essentially a brain controlled mouse, relying on Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings of the brain’s alpha and beta waves.  These readings, combined with muscle movement and glance (eye movement) readings, allow for a very effective interface.

If you could write code with this, I will buy a couple…. hmmmm

“Think in Russian” – “Думайте в русском, ракете реактивного снаряда пожара задней”

Just got my HTC touch cruise…

HTC touch cruiseJust got my HTC touch cruise and can’t even send an SMS yet… 🙂

Although HTC messes with its users badly, its a very nice mobile phone.

Also waiting for SPB mobile shell that as they say will make htc’s cube look quite stupid.